wisdom teeth

Welcome back to the potential three of you who may be reading this!

I know, I know.

I promised this would be a daily writing exercise.

I've come to terms with it, and I think you should as well.

Or perhaps we can just both agree to believe in a lie when I tell you that I've been... asleep.. the last 6 weeks? Does that work? Then it's kinda just like 'Oh hey, it was only one night' or it might be like 'Oh geez, he was really sick' and not like 'Oh man, Orbax is kinda lazy and clearly can't actually commit to writing every day'.

Dammit, I really thought that idea was going to work itself out by the end of me typing that, and unfortunately it didn't.


The great Orbax here, one half of the world's most extreme two man circus sideshow comedy magic extravaganza known as the Monsters of Schlock.

But of course you know that my dear fan/friend/journalist investigating what I can only assume is the world's first botched double suicide-murder pact.

Since about the second week of July we've been moving non-stop here. Both on a personal level and professionally the Monsters have had the busiest fall in quite some time. Not only did we manage to travel to both Germany AND Oshawa, but we managed to do it safely!

Pepper has managed to not only get, but stay, married!

My new house has not burned down, we set a new Guinness World Record, and performed over 50 shows with minimal damage (well two major hematomas that were show related and some vision damage which knowing my luck I can only assume is show related).

So what's next I can rhetorically hear you asking?

Well we've finally got a little bit of time off. After next week I'll officially be done administering exams and Pepper will be in a full nog induced coma blissfully wallowing in what one can only call an ill-advised love of xmas.

Hopefully that will mean booking out our new year, working on some new stunts, and realistically more writing and video projects.

I know I've been shamefully lacking in the promised commitment to content being our new king, but I've never been a monarchist. Not really.

I just like hats and pomp.

To assuage your lack of Monster related creative material, we released a pilot that never got picked up over on the Facebook page. It was produced by Alex Lyons, Pat Collins and Dan Logan.

What's it about?


Wisdom Teeth

A few years ago we pitched a series. It, like many of the shows Pepper and I pitch, didn't get picked up. We did get to make this rad pitch pilot however that we're finally releasing. Our incredibly talented buddies Dan Logan and Alex Lyons made this. I hope you enjoy the horror of the Wisdom Teeth pilot.

Posted by The Monsters of Schlock on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Well... somehow we were allowed to film Pepper getting his wisdom teeth removed. The two hour saga was cut down to a few minutes, but if you ever want to hear the highly libelous true story of what's missing from the video, make sure to hit us up at a live show.

It was honestly a ridiculous experience, and the video is pretty fun.

Too bad the people who make TV hate us.


Talk soon, and hopefully not in another 6 weeks from now.