the monsters of schlock make a movie!



Hello everyone!

Many of you coming to this page will already know who we are. Welcome, and thank you for all your support over the years.

For those of you who don’t know us, I am the great Orbax and along with my brother Sweet Pepper Klopek we are the Monsters of Schlock, the World’s Most Extreme two-man Circus Sideshow and Comedy-Magic Extravaganza.

For the last decade we’ve been touring our Canadian daredevil comedy show around the world racking up fans, friends, world records and countless injuries wherever we go.

We have performed on television, in clubs, on campuses, at fairs, in burlesque reviews, busker festivals, breweries, circuses, bars and theatres… and even once played a completely silent library.

We’re proud that our ridiculously dumb comedy show has reached so many people and earned us (at this point) 25 Guinness World Records, appearances in Ripley’s: Believe It or Not! and even got us into the semifinals of Das Supertalent in Germany.

But things aren’t always great. At times each of us has been sent to the hospital due to life threatening injuries from stunts performed on stage. Me, from suffering 3rd degree burns to my entire face and head and Pepper because some jerk hit him in the face with a running chainsaw (sorry). We went pretty much bankrupt from having an entire tour banned from the province of Alberta. We were deemed too extreme for Chinese television and were once even told that we were ‘inappropriate for broadcast’ on an episode of Slice TV’s ‘Party Momma’s’.

That one really stung.

That’s just the kind of career we’ve had. People seem to either hate us, or really really love us.

And I assume if you’ve gotten this far it’s because of the latter.

This year we’ve got a full tour schedule lined up which includes performances in Ireland, the UK, our first trip to Australia, a residency at the legendary home of all sideshow in Coney Island USA and shows across Canada that will culminate in our tenth consecutive Halloween season at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver where we’re planning a stunt so ridiculous that we haven’t even told our moms about it yet.

Which should tell you something.

So here’s what we want to do.

We want to film it.

All of it.

And show you guys what it’s really like to be a couple of 40 year old men who get beat up for a living.

There’s going to be a lot of fun, and likely a lot of not fun. But it’s about time you guys get to see what a year with us is actually like. There’s ups and downs, but we just keep doing what we do. Getting hurt to make you guys laugh, because it’s literally the greatest job in the world

All the money we raise is going into production. We need to bring camera men with us so this whole thing isn’t just shot on our phones. We’ll also need to pay for editing, and post production. So basically we’re starting this Indiegogo as a pre-sale campaign. Anything we raise goes into making this documentary bigger and better and more bad ass. Our goal right now is minimal and is just the first step in paying for flights for our cameraman. We’re hoping to raise enough money to be able to film as much of our stupid year as we possibly can so check out the perks and hop on board!

This is going to be one hell of a year and we really want to share it with you!