The pilot is LIVE!

Many of you may know that over the last year we've been shooting a sitcom pilot that we've produced entirely on our own.

We've finally released it to the world absolutely free of cost!

Big announcement!

As many of you know last year we filmed a pilot of a scripted sitcom.

Well, in one week we will be digitally releasing the final product on all platforms! Exciting right!?!?

Here's a little teaser video we made to hype up the big announcement! See you next week kids!


We've announced our tour schedule for the Autumn, so check out the SHOWS tab to see if we'll be somewhere near you!

Well as some of you may already know, Sunday Aug 30th we will be at the Hell City Tattoo Fest taking the Guinness World Record breaking world's largest tattoo machine, the aptly named 'Tattoo Machine frm Hell', for a test drive! The Tattoo Machine from Hell is built by the mad scientists over at NeoTat tattoo machines. The beast is over five feet long as is a fully functioning rotary tattoo machine.

Well it's been a crazy summer so far! A few weeks ago the Monsters went to Essex...

Well, we realize we haven't updated over here in a while, but we've been hard at work!

As many of you know, over this past year we've been shooting a pilot. It's been up and down in terms of productivity but we're quickly approaching our announcement! Stay tuned over at for a ...