Dateline: Adventure!

Hello again and welcome to the creative writing project for the Great Orbax that our 'News' section has become!
Sorry it's been a while to those of you steadfastedly waiting on the edge of...

So... trying to track down this German TV appearance has become a bit of a saga.
For those of you unaware, we flew to Germany about a month ago to compete on Das Supertalent, the German entry to the Got Talent franchise.
And we killed it.
We were treated fantastically, the crowd response was ridiculous, and the judges loved us so much we got a unanimous vote to go through!
Not only that but they moved our appearance up in the broadcast and we actually appeared in the Season 10 premiere!

What a week!
This week has been a blast so far and isn't done yet.
Tonight we're supposed to be appearing on Das Supertalent in Germany. And by tonight I mean this afternoon. Right now actually, and I'm just toggling back and forth between writing this and hitting refresh on their Facebook page to see how we did.
Today was a nicely earned day off, a little calm before the storm.
This week is frosh week on campuses here in Ontario, which not only means that it is a busy week for shows but it also means it is my first week back teaching.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we have both noon and evening shows and Thursday at 9 am I start with physics duties (heh heh, I said doodies)...
14 hours in a car for 1 hour on stage, that's how Pepper and I spent the last 24 hours.
As it turns out, labour day weekend is a busy time to drive from Guelph to Ottawa.
Ah! It has begun!

The most wonderful time of the year.
Pumpkin beer.

For years Pepper and I have attempted ...